McDonald’s Mala Burger

I went to try the new spicy burgers from McDonald’s. It rated the McSpicy burger as level 2 spiciness and so I was curious how the level 3 (Green Curry Chicken Burger) and 4 (Mala Chicken Burger) would taste it. Being a person who loves spicy food, McSpicy is like “McNormal” to me.

McDonalds Mala Burger

See the picture of the Mala Burger on the box? Keep scrolling down and I shall show you how deceiving pictures can be.

McDonalds Mala Burger 1

That’s the description of the the burger. Sounded so exciting. =___=”

McDonalds Mala Burger 2

And here’s the burger. See the heap of veggies falling out of the burger, and the tiny piece of chicken in comparison to the buns.
First of all, the chicken tastes alright. Just a peppery version of Chicken McGrill with little bit of numbing effect to the lips. Portion of chicken is too small, almost like kid’s meal. I mean, isn’t it bad enough that Fillet O Fish is only left with half a slice of cheese, and now McD is shrinking the chicken too? If this goes on, we might as well have McVeggies topped with bits of chicken.

As for the green curry burger, don’t even bother trying. The dry fried chicken fillet with a tiny bit of green curry paste is not worth trying at all.

Kinda disappointed with this new creation. I still think that McD did a better job with the Prosperity burger.


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