Kim’s Family Korean Restaurant

Kim's Family Korean

Have been reading food reviews of Kim’s Family Korean restaurant. Having the Korean food feel after watching running man, I got Pakcik to drive us there for dinner. Parking lots are extremely limited so either try your luck along the Lor Kilat road, or just park at the HDB carpark across the road.

Kim's Family Korean 1


We were there just before the last order at 9.30pm, so no issue with finding a table. Pakcik didn’t want to bbq meat so we went for the bulgogi set. Once we placed our order, the staff promptly served us a bottle of iced water and ban chan.


banchan 1


My eyes lit up when the ban chan were served. We had 11 different types of ban chan! I think just by eating them with white rice will make me full already. LOL~
My favourite are the bean sprout, mushroom and cucumber. Yum yum~

Beef Bulgogi

I got the beef bulgogi set that comes with the meat, rice and a soup for $15++.
The portion size is pretty generous. The beef is well seasoned and tasted not bad. I wouldn’t say it’s fantastic, but at least better than some new korean food franchise.

seafood soup


The soybean soup with prawn and tofu that’s included in the set meal. It’s like miso soup with onions and prawn. Nothing special.

Pork Bulgogi


Pakcik had the pork bulgogi set with rice ($12++). The pork is a bit tough but the seasoning is pretty good. Although it looks very red, it’s not really spicy.

Overall, I think the food is pretty decent and the price is reasonable. Service is prompt and good. But there are only 3 staff to handle the whole restaurant, so we need to wait a while for them to come to us. Food preparation time is short, and that’s definitely a plus point.



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