Ipoh Chicken Rice

Chicken Rice

I dreamt of chicken rice and I was craving so badly for it after waking up. LOL~
Once, I had a dream whereby I was in a restaurant for a buffet lunch. Then I took so much food to my table and just as I was about to eat them, my bf woke me up. Boy, imagine how angry I was…
Think I am the few who will dream about food. =P

Back to my chicken rice…
Initially I wanted to go Boon Tong Kee at Bukit Timah, but feeling lazy, Pakcik drove us to Jurong Point instead. We went to Malaysia Boleh (Pakcik keeps saying it’s Malaysia Bagus… =___=” ).
Anyway, I went to get the Ipoh chicken drumstick rice without the bean sprout ($4.50).
The chicken is soooooo tenderly smooth~ Love it lots! Plus, the rice is so flavourful and moist. Best part of it, the bones have been removed, so I can just gobble all the meat and rice~ Pakcik kept stealing my rice and I had to protect it with my life…
Yum yum~ I will be back for more!


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