Zi Char

Went to a zi char stall in Jurong West Blk 406 for dinner with mum. This place used to be a seafood restaurant by Neo Garden, but it has now become a zi char (air conditioned) shop.

sliced fish

The place is still very new so there weren’t much customers when we were there. We tried the stir fried sliced fish. The fish is fresh and the gravy is pretty good.

Pork Knuckle

Next is the Thai style pork knuckle. The skin is very crispy but the meat is very tender. The Thai sweet chilli is the main favoring of this dish. Without the sauce, the knuckle is quite tasteless.

Salted Egg Prawn

The salted egg yolk prawn is not really good. Although the salted egg yolk sauce is good, the prawns were too soggy. It was drenched with the sauce instead of just coated with it. This dish needs to be improved.

Stinky bean


The sambal petai (Parkia speciosa) is the best dish of the night. The beans retained the crunchiness and the sambal compliments the flavor. Topped with crispy ikan bilis, this dish goes very well with white rice.

The 4 dishes with drinks and rice adds up to around $58. Not pricey. Mum thinks that the food is not bad and we should go there again for dinner. But personally, I think there are better zi char places.


One response to “Zi Char

  1. Looks great – what kind of fish was that first one?
    The Zen Chef

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