Manhattan Fish Market Promotion

End of last month, Manhattan Fish Market had a few dining promotions which cousins and I felt that it’s too good to miss.




We were very tempted by these 2 promotions and so we met up for dinner at JCube. I guess the promotion brought in some crowd to the mall, because we had to queue to get a table even at 8.30pm. Usually JCube is quite deserted on weekday nights.

Initially we only wanted to order the 1-for-1 small flame to share among the 3 of us, but Stinky Min said she’s very hungry, so we got the spicy baked fish set as well.

Manhattan fish

Hmmm… think the food looks better in picture. LOL~

Stinky Min is also into IG, so both of us were positioning the food and snapping away, while the I-should-pretend-to eat-only-a-bit-in-front-of bf cousin Elaine, texted away. (hehe… maybe I should hashtag my cousins’ nicknames….)

Small Flame


The small flame was decent. The most loved item was the flamed prawns and the creamy sauce~ Yum~~
Fish is a bit soggy, and fries were cold. I hate cold fries!!
Shan’t complain too much since it’s 1-for-1.

Spicy Baked fish

The spicy baked fish was soooooo salty! OMG! I could feel the salt sucking dry all the cells of my tongue. Good for cousin Elaine cause she doesn’t take spicy food and so didn’t have to eat this. She is the only person who can’t take spicy food in the entire cousin clan. Boo~~~


The fried calamari was pretty decent. We were snatching to get an extra piece.


Stinky Min wasn’t full after the meal, so we ordered a brownie ice cream to share. We really enjoyed the dessert because the brownie was so dense and yummy~ The hotplate kept the brownie warm and melts the ice cream on it~

After settling the bill, I told cousin Elaine that she must treat me when she gets her first pay. I am so not going to let her forget that I have been treating her for the past 8 years~ It’s payback time! =P

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