Carrot Cake

I was inspired to bake a carrot cake after eating an awesome one which my boss bought from SICC. It was Pakcik’s birthday, so I took this opportunity to bake him a carrot cake~

Since I am such a noob baker, I was well-prepared to buy a ready-made cake in case mine failed. =P
I followed the recipe from Delia Online. And I guess the toughest was to shred those carrots…


The cake look pretty decent prior frosting. That’s a good sign~ I added the syrup glaze with care, trying my best not to drown the cake.



For the frosting, I made cream cheese frosting because I think it tastes best with carrot cake. As you can see, my frosting skill sux!


Yea~ It made it to Pakcik’s hands. He made a wish and blew the candle. So now’s the time to reveal how the cake looks like on the inside.



Well, it was a success! The cake is very moist, the cinnamon and carrot were awesome match and all of us didn’t get tummy ache after eating~ =)
Although it’s an ugly cake, but it’s the thought that counts, isn’t it?

One response to “Carrot Cake

  1. How delicious!

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