My Wedding Plan – Stage 5

I went to Bridal Zone to choose the gowns on Saturday. The studio is at 72 Bendemeer road, walking distance from Boon Keng MRT station. Parking at the Luzerne Building is about $1 per hour on that day. The studio is located on the 7th floor. It’s not very big but there are enough gowns for me to choose and there are 2 changing rooms.

I have my auntie and Hua with me to help me choose the gowns. Pakcik was there to choose his as well. We reached the studio earlier than our appointment time (4-7pm) because we didn’t want to be late and end up “eating” into other people’s appointment slot. The lady who served us is Agnes and I really like her. She is professional, friendly, helpful and honest. Honesty is very important because I really need her expertise to give me constructive feedback for my gowns. It would be terrible to have one who tells you that you look great in every gown that he/she tries to rent to you.

To help in my gown selection, I have done some homework in pinning the types of gowns that I like in Pinterest. I showed Agnes the pins and having understood my requirements, she began to pull out a few gowns for me to try. After trying a few gowns, the decision is made. The moment I put on that gown, I knew it’s the one for me. Next, Agnes let me try the evening gowns. Since my morning gown is off white, I would prefer a different color for the evening. We narrow the color to dark blue and red because of my skin color and preference. Before my appointment, I saw another bride-to-be wearing a baby pink gown which didn’t suit her because she is so tan. So I told myself not to make the same mistake. There is a website to help in understanding one’s skin tone and what colors to avoid.

For the morning gown, I chose a off-white sweetheart neckline, chapel train, tie back gown which looks something like this:


(Picture taken from Google)

Similar to other bridal shops, I am not allowed to take pictures of the gowns unless I have decided to get it. So I didn’t have a picture of me in it because I was too tired to change back into it after 1.5 hours. Maybe I will  give a sneak preview of the gowns when I go for the next fitting.

Ok, back to the white gown.
Because of my height and body shape, this type of simple gown suits me better. I am not the skinny type and very short, so I cannot wear mermaid, or trumpet. These type of gowns don’t look nice on me. I also have to avoid any kinds of designs with horizon lines on my gown, especially the waist area. It will make my waist look thicker than it is. Choosing the right gown is really a headache but it can be made a lot easier by having professionals like Agnes or you need to know your body shape well. An ideal gown should cover your flaws and enhance your beauty.
Always remember, what looks good on the model may not look good on you, unless your body shape, height and size is similar to the model.

As for my evening gown, I chose a red dress with black lace. But now I am having second thoughts about it. It kinda don’t fit into my wedding theme color, and not sure if the color will look too Cheena. Anyway, my back-up option will be the ball gown with black lace and butterfly, translucent from waist up and chapel train. That was from the designer range which I can choose without any fees top-up~ This is what I love best about Bridal Zone!

I am so glad that I only took 1.5 hours to decide on my gowns. I really can’t imagine how other ladies can go on hours after hours trying on “All” the gowns. I really pity the person who served them. Those gowns ain’t light, it’s so tiring to carry them around and helping the ladies to wear them. Luckily I did my homework. =)
Oh ya, if possible, wear a nubra for gown trying. Because most of the gowns come with padding, so you will be made to remove your bra. If you are shy, it’s better to wear a nubra so that you won’t be half naked during the changing process with the staff in there helping you.

For Pakcik, he has to decide on 2 suits. After trying on a few, I made him take a grey suit for morning and black suit for evening. Sadly, the grey suits in Bridal Zone are the shiny type aka SK-most-hated-type-of-suit. But comparing white suit to the least shiny grey suit, I let Pakcik get the latter. As for the black suit, I am not happy with the OTR selection. Not because they are not good, it’s more of I prefer Pakcik to get a MTM suit. There’s a limit to how much the bridal shop can alter the suit, so it will never be better than a MTM version. Plus, Pakcik’s size is between M and L, so both will not fit him perfectly. Therefore, we are going to put in the additional $380 to get him a MTM black suit.
=) *Happy Bride-to-be*

My next fitting will be in mid Nov, when my measurements will be taken again in case I gain or lose weight. I have to bring my wedding shoes to match the gowns, select my hand bouquet, bridesmaid dress, best man and brothers’ jackets, trial make-up and hairdo. Pakcik will get his black suit tailored on the same visit as well. Hopefully all will go well!

Now I can focus on my bridesmaid dress and wedding theme!


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