Drinks Night~

Our June gathering, only 3 made it, was fun with drinks~ LOL~ SK thinks that all gatherings that involved alcohol are fun~

We started off with 31 Bar & Kitchen along Keong Saik road. The super nice staff let us try a very smoky tequila shot when we asked her to recommend the drinks. This little brownish tequila was a killer. It’s so smoky, that I thought it must have been aged in burnt oak barrel. The charcoal taste lingered in our oral cavity for the longest time and I felt like 75 years old after sipping it. I don’t think any young pple (not that I am very young) would like the taste. Plus, it was sooooooo strong that it could probably kill all the microorganisms down the GI tract. LOL~ We said no, and chose the milder tequila instead.

Tequila Shot

So 3 of us had the milder tequila to start the night.



I had my usual Long Island Iced Tea. Min asked what’s in the drink other than Tequila, and I gave her a superb answer: a lot of things.

LOL~ That’s SK’s brain after just 1 tequila shot.
I can’t remember exactly what drinks they had, but I remembered the red one was quite tomato and tasted savory.

We were feeling very warm so the lady gave us the air con remote controller. LOL~

After that, we cabbed to Maison Ikkoku in Kandahar street.

Maison Ikkoku

Thanks to Min for recommending this very interesting bar. Basically, there is no drinks menu. So you just need to tell the staff what you feel like having and the bartender will create something for you. =)


I said I wanted something sweet but strong, and I received this pretty drink. It’s rum with lychee and edible flower petals. Can’t really taste the lychee but it’s a strong drink indeed.

maison Ikkoku


Hua’s  drink was something sweet with mango and it came with a flaming rosemary. I like this drink~



Min wanted something clean with Gin and cucumber. That’s hers and it’s flaming too~



For round 2, I ordered peanut butter cup but since they didn’t have peanut butter, I got a super yummy hazelnut chocolatey drink~



It’s so creamy, yet with strong alcohol. I can only describe it as liquid dessert~



Hua’s 2nd drink was strawberry based. Supposed to have the dry ice effect but it was gone before it reached the table.



We had fun playing number games and that’s our semi-drunk selfie~ It’s weird that we always think that we opened our eyes damn big but the photo shows otherwise…


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