My Wedding Plan – Stage 9

As you may have already noticed, I am a kiasu bride. I like to get my things done early so that I will not panic when it’s near the big day. I read reviews that couples normally buy the Guo Da Li stuff about 1 month before the big day. But for me, I can’t wait till so late, so I dragged Pakcik to the wedding gift shops last month. We have been to:

– The Chinese Wedding Shop in JCube
– Yuan Xi Wedding & Gifts in Chinatown Complex
– K.K Marriage Goods in Chinatown Complex

But we didn’t get any of their stuff. Although they have everything we need for the Guo Da Li, I felt that the prices are not very friendly. Basically, the items are similar to those I saw in TaoBao, but overpriced (in comparison). For example, a pair of husband and wife slippers only cost RMB9.48, but they are sold at $12.90 and above in the shops here. The wedding lamps are only RMB 7.72 in TaoBao, but $15.90 and above here.
So, being a thrifty bride-to-be, I have decided to research for shops in Johor Bahru that sells items are reasonable prices. I did not buy from TaoBao because the shipping fees will jack up the prices.

There is a shop in City Square, and one in Holiday Plaza. But Pakcik said that the prices are more or less the same as Singapore. My auntie has offered to help me buy the stuff in Batu Pahat, where prices will be comparable to TaoBao, but I did not want to trouble her.
Finally, after some research, I found this shop named Big Day Wedding & Gifts in Johor Bahru. It’s formally known as Coupe de Marriage.


Guo Da Li

The shop is located just next street from the seafood zi char place. About 10-15 mins drive from the checkpoint. There are a few parking lots outside the shop reserved for customers. Otherwise, just find another parking lots around the area. It’s Malaysia, parking space is hardly a problem.

The shop sells dowry package set at RM288, which includes everything you need. I went for ala carte because I have already bought some of the items. There are plenty of stuff in the shop and I was so spoilt for choice.  Keeping in mind that I have to stick to the budget (otherwise it defeats the purpose of buying from JB), I went to choose the lower end items.

Dowry Set

These are the stuff I bought from the shop last weekend.

Wedding Tea Set


I chose this tea set as it’s very cute. There is a chinese wedding version and angmo version. Check out it’s website for more varieties.



I have the needles and threads already, so I only got the sewing box.

Wedding Bowl

For the bowl set, I got the Chinese couple version too.

Wedding Lamp

For the lamp, I got this battery operated one. Since we are only using it for 1 night, I chose the cheapest option.


Ruler is part of the dowry set too. My mum still keeps hers in the cupboard. =)


This comes in a set (RM50), but it can be bought separately as well.


Wedding Stickers

The total cost for the stuff I bought is RM 178.

The best thing I like about Big Day Wedding & Gifts is the super friendly boss. She is very helpful in answering queries and gives great suggestions. She knew I was on a budget so she recommended me to get the best valued items. I think if you have a car and time, it’s worth going to this shop in JB and get everything you need.

Big Day Wedding & Gifts
88, Jalan Tombak 1, Taman Sri Tebrau, Johor Bahru
Opens daily from 10.30am to 8pm.

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