My Wedding Plan – Stage 10

Went to Bridal Zone on Saturday for trial make-up, kua, Pakcik’s suits, selection of bridal bouquet, maid-of-honor’s dress, bridal car ribbon and flower.

My make-up artist is Jennifer. I chose her because I browsed through the wedding albums and I like her Korean style make-up. During the trial make-up session, Jennifer was very friendly and professional. (BTW, she is very pretty~) She asked if I have any preference before working on my face. Personally, I prefer the more natural look for the morning, and maybe a little more drama for the evening.

Swiftly, she put on layers after layers of different make-ups on my face. When she put on the nude lipstick for me, I fell in love with the color! It’s so hard to find a nude color that suits my skin color. Jennifer shared the brand of the lipstick with me without hesitation. After half an hour, she was done with the make-up (without ampoule and fake lashes). That’s so fast!

photo 2

I didn’t take photo in the studio because I was busy trying on the Kua. So this picture was taken 5 hours later at home (post hawker visit, groceries shopping etc). Even though there were so many layers of make-ups, it felt light and my face was neither greasy nor sticky. I love the Korean eyebrows the best! It suits my face perfectly! Love it so much that I refused to wash my face till late night.
I have to put on my plano Princess Mimi contact lens to make my eyes look bigger and brighter.

Oh ya, Jennifer put on the double eyelid stickers for me even though I have very deep double eyelids. I think it helps to make my eyes look less droopy.

After the make-up session. Jennifer discussed with me the timing and logistics for the actual day make-up. So basically, she will need 2 hours to do my hair and face for both morning and evening. I am so glad that I chose Jennifer because she is such a good makeup artist and she knows what suits my face.

For the kua, I tried on a few and finally found the one that suits my height. There is no alteration for Kuas.



That’s the Kua that fits me. Thanks to my short arms, the sleeves are a bit long. But it’s ok, it will be just right when I bend my arms. I was wearing the wedges in the bridal studio to see if the length of the skirt is ok.
Can’t wait to wear my piggy pendant with the Kua!!

For maid of honor’s dress, Cousin chose a gold tube bandage dress to wear during the wedding dinner. The bridal zone’s staff was so amazed that the dress fits my cousin perfectly. They do not need to make any alteration at all. So I guess cousin has to maintain her body shape and weight till my wedding day.

Pakcik choose a grey and a black suit. He will use the black suit for evening and the grey suit as a spare.

The lady passed me an album of hand bouquet pictures. I managed to find the one that suits my wedding color theme. Initially, I thought the selection will be quite limited, but I was wrong. There were easily 100 types of bouquets to choose from. =)
I guess that saves my trouble and money from sourcing a hand bouquet from other vendor~ (I gave up on having a peony bouquet because it’s not in season during my wedding).
So glad that we chose Bridal Zone! Even cousin said that she will put Bridal Zone as her first choice when she is getting married in the future.

So I guess for now, I have to work harder to shed off those fats and be ready for my final fitting on 11 Jan 2015!
2 more months to the Big Day!!


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