Bangkok Shopping Trip – Part IV

Curious about the new shopping area, Asiatique, we went to check it out on a weekday evening. There is a free shuttle boat from BTS Saphan Taksin station which starts from 4pm daily and ends around 11pm.


After alighting at the BTS Saphan Taksin station, walk towards the pier and you will see the signage for the free shuttle boat.

Asiatique 1

If you want to avoid long queue at the pier, I would suggest going there before 5.30pm.

The boat ride is about 15 minutes.

Asiatique 2

Asiatique 3

This place used to be a pier belonging to the East Asiatic Company owned by a Danish national, for exportation of teak wood. Now the warehouses have been converted into shops selling clothes, accessories, furniture, home furnishings, as well as restaurants and bars.

Asiatique 4

Asiatique 5

Asiatique 6

This place is great for photo taking. Shops generally start opening after 5pm, so come early and grab the opportunity to take as much photos before the crowd pours in.

We did a bit of shopping before going for dinner.

Asiatique 7

Food is generally pricier at Asiatique. We found this less pricey zi char stall with super long queue. As the stall is super crowded, don’t expect a comfortable dining experience. We had eat at a very small table, seat very close to the customer at the next table, and the staff moved around the tiny space serving food. Definitely not a place to impress a date.

thai milk tea

The Thai milk tea is pretty good.

fried vermicelli

We had the vermicelli with seafood. Notice how the ingredients are placed separately on the plate? Yep, they are cooked separately and we have to mix them up before eating. I don’t know if they do this to speed up cooking time or is this the way it should be. I didn’t ask because the staff were too busy.


The omelette is pretty good. It has the kind of wok hei and good ratio of oil to eggs. Anyway, to make this kind of omelette, you just need more oil than egg and a very hot wok.


Kang kong with roasted pork. Not bad~
We didn’t order many dishes because our table couldn’t contain them, and my head was going to explode from the noise and crowd. *SK is claustrophobic* 

Overall the food is decent, nothing to rave about.


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