Guo Da Li

I have not been blogging for the past few weeks because I was overwhelmed with work and tons of reports to write. December is usually the slack month, but this year, there’s so much work to do. Brides-to-be usually use the last 1 month before the wedding to prepare, take good care of their health and skin. But for me, I am plagued with stress induced weight gain, ever growing dark eye circles, and sinus problem.

Anyway, Pakcik and I still managed to get the necessary things done and we had our Guo Da Li (Betrothal) on Xmas eve. My mum checked the lunar calendar and said that it’s auspicious to Guo Da Li on that day between 9-11am, hence we obeyed.

Guo Da Li

These are the stuff which Pakcik brought over to my house on that day. The items which my mum requested are the simplified version of the traditional Hokkien Guo Da Li (for practical reason).

What she requested:

1) 1 pair of dragon candles and 1 pair of phoenix candles (to light on the actual wedding day)
2) 2 bottles of liquor
3) 12 Oranges
4) 12 cans of pig trotter (to replace the traditional raw pig trotter)
5) 12 boxes of wedding cakes (for distribution to relatives)
6) 2 packets of Bai He (dried Lily bulb – to symbolize 百年好合)
7) 1 pair of dragon and phoenix bangles
8) Pin Jing (Red Packet – the amount usually ends with a 8, e.g. $1888, $2888 etc. )

For the wedding cakes, I chose the swiss rolls from Rich and Good Cake Shop. I told my mum that we are not getting the traditional wedding cake/pastry because of practical reason. We believed that people don’t really like to eat the traditional cake/pastry, so we rather get the stuff that people will appreciate instead of throwing them into the bin after receiving.
Result: Relatives and friends love the swiss rolls and ate all of them immediately.

Pakcik ordered the swiss rolls 2 weeks in advance because we know that the Rich and Good Cake Shop is very popular and the aunties there are very busy. The staff even paste the double happiness stickers on each box (foc) and even gave Pakcik a discount. Pakcik said that the aunties were very friendly when he placed the orders, unlike the online reviews saying that they were rude. I think customers must understand that they are running a small business and they may get too busy to entertain fickle-minded customers or customers who delay their sales process.
P.S. I love the durian and kaya flavor!

dragon phoenix bangle

For the pair of dragon and phoenix bangles, we got it from Harlyn Gems & Jewellery in Jurong Point. They had a promotion which waived the workmanship fees. Hence, Pakcik only paid for the current retail price of 24K gold and 7% GST.

Guo Da Li 1

These are my dowry set (嫁妆/回礼), simplified version. The items are:

1) Prosperity Descendant Pail Set consisting of Baby bath tub, wash basin, potty, mug, and tray (to symbolize fertility)
2) Wedding Ceremony Tea Set
3) Wedding Ceremony Bowl Set
4) A pair of wedding lamps
5) Needle Box Set
6) Auspicious Ruler
7) Lace Red Fan
8) A pair of toothbrush
9) A pair of slippers
10) Bed sheets (I bought 2 because I am kiasu)
11) 2 bottles of Orange Soft drinks

What my mum returned to the groom-to-be from the Betrothal gifts:

1) 1 pair of phoenix candles (to light at groom’s house on wedding day)
2) 2 pairs of oranges
3) 4 cans of pig trotter
4) Red dates
5) 4 cakes
6) Red Packet (Bride’s parents cannot take all the Pin Jing so that they are not seen as greedy or selling their daughter)

After the gift exchange, we have completed the Guo Da Li ceremony.
Most of the wedding items are bought from Big Day Wedding & Gifts in Johor Bahru because the price is much cheaper.

So, 18 more days to the wedding. Am I excited? Am I nervous? Am I stressed?
Like duh!


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