Nespresso Machine


It’s Xmas season, so I got myself a Xmas gift – Nespresso machine!

I have been eyeing for it since so long ago but I couldn’t bear to spend so much on the machine. Finally the year is coming to an end, and people are receiving gifts from Xmas gift exchange and year-end Dinner & Dance lucky draws. So it’s the best time to visit Gumtree and St Classified websites to grab good deals!

I bought my Nespresso Inissia from a lady who got it from D&D lucky draw but she is a traditional coffee drinker and doesn’t need the machine. The usual price for Inissia in the shop is $238, but she sold it to me for $158.
Cousin’s dad saw my machine and also got one for himself. He bought the Nespresso U White at $150, also from an uncle who doesn’t drink atas coffee.

The machines come with warranty and 16 free capsules. I registered myself in the Nespresso website and bought the Welcome Offer 150 capsules (pre-assorted Grand Cru selection) and it came with a complimentary Discovery Box for me to display the capsules. Subsequently, I can order the capsules from Nespresso website (free delivery for purchase of 150 capsules) or get them directly from the boutiques.

Feeling excited with our new machines, cousins and I decided to attempt 3D coffee art. We borrowed the Aeroccino machine from her neighbour to froth the milk. Here’s our not-so-proud creation (actually more of an embarrassment).

Coffee Art

Well…….. it was supposed to be a cat…..

Ok, enough of our disgraceful and LMFAO creation.


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