2nd Pregnancy

This post is written on 01 Sep, but since I can’t announce my pregnancy before I am 3 months pregnant, I only upload this now.

My menses was 3 days late and I thought it can’t be so “zhun”. My instinct told me to do a urine pregnancy test. I have so many UPT kits left from the first pregnancy that didn’t worked out in the end. Anyway, I bought those UPT kits from Qoo10 and they only cost me about 60 cents each. No need to waste money buying branded ones because they do the same job.

So on 29 Aug, I tested and got double lines. “Oh no!” That’s what came to my mind first. Initially I wanted to conceive in November so that I would get a July baby (same horoscope as me) but now it’s going to be a Taurus baby. I told Dear about the test and he didn’t really believe it. So I tested again on 30 Aug morning. And I got this: 
Yep. It’s confirmed. I am 4 weeks pregnant according to the pregnancy app which I downloaded in my phone.

It’s mixed feeling for both of us. Mainly because we weren’t actively trying for a baby and wasn’t expecting it. Dear immediately ask what should be done and if I need to see the gynaecologist soon. But nothing can be done for now until I am 8 weeks pregnant so that the gynae can see the baby and heart beat through ultrasound scan. So for now, we just have to wait and hope that this baby stays.

Since I wasn’t prepared to get pregnant so soon, I have been feasting on sashimi, crabs, beer, raw oysters, medium rare beef etc., in the past couple of weeks. I even went to play trampoline last week. Gosh. I hope no damage is done since it’s still in early stage.

Now I have to watch my diet and avoid all the stuff that I can’t eat. Remember my daily dose of folic acid pill and drink lotsa water. I have to give up my morning coffee, my beloved sashimi, beer, crabs, herbal tea and raw oysters. I can’t have soft cheese, Mercury loaded fish, soft boiled eggs, uncooked veggies or processed food etc. Plus, I have to go through the torture of waking every night to pee, bloated stomach and water retention all over again.

Because I experienced frequent spotting in my first pregnancy, I keep worrying that I would spot again this time round. Every time I use the toilet, I will heave a sigh of relief when there is no spotting. In case you don’t know, spotting may indicate early sign of miscarriage.

Maybe I am overly excited or it’s really a Mum’s instinct, I feel that this is going to be a baby girl. In my first pregnancy, I had such strong feeling that it’s a boy. Anyway, we will know when this baby stays and we do the genetic blood test at week 11.

All the best to us!


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