Morning Sickness

07Sep2015 marks week 6 day 1 of my pregnancy.

Morning sickness has gotten worse. Feeling nausea almost the whole day. It’s like having hangover 24-7. The ride on cab back home from work was torturous. Felt like a roller coaster ride while having hangover. Such sucky feeling. I wonder why women are created to suffer from morning sickness when we are born to ensure the continuity of human species. We are given such important role, yet we must go through sufferings during pregnancy and then followed by the excruciating pain at labor. This is kinda unfair. 

On top of the Morning sickness, I had light brown spotting 3 times today. This is scaring me because I experienced spotting in my last pregnancy which resulted in miscarriage. I hope the spotting stops and the fetus is growing well. I don’t want another round of miscarriage. 

Food aversion. Milo is now deemed disgusting because I hate the processed malty taste when I burp non-stop after drinking. The neighbour’s cooking smell has gotten worse and it’s killing me. I almost wanted to knock at their door and ask them to stop cooking. 

Because of the morning sickness, I have lost 1kg. But due to the water retention and bloatedness, I look like I have put on 1 kg. that tummy looks like 4 months pregnant. How much grosser is it going to get? Really envy those born skinny pple who grew almost no fats around the body except the tummy. God is just unfair. 


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