Week 5 of Pregnancy

Today is week 5 day 4 of my pregnancy. Usually pregnancy symptoms like morning sickness appears at week 6, but mine came 4 days earlier. Morning sickness has not started (fingers crossed!) but I started feeling bloated and burp a lot after meals. This is the same symptom as my previous pregnancy. I also started to have bleeding gums when brushing teeth, stuffy nose, frequent urination and feeling sluggish. 

I have been worring that this baby won’t survive and I might lose it like the previous one. I even dreamt that I had a miscarriage. Sigh… Feeling so paranoid, I took another UPT to check if the hCG level has gone up.  

Phew~ The test line has gotten darker which is an indication that the hCG level is higher than the previous test. 

I have tried not to make sudden movements, no jumping around, researched on all the food to avoid, warned Dear of all the myths, and have bed rest as much as possible. 

2nd trimester seems so far away even though it’s just 8 more weeks to go. I can’t wait to pass week 8 to see the gynae and then week 11 to do the Harmony test. Because my previous one didn’t make it past week 10, so I will be very paranoid till then. 

Dear is excited but trying very hard to hide his emotions. He kept nagging at me when I lie on my stomach. He claimed that the baby will be flattened. =___=” He sleeps further away from me so that he won’t accidentally hit/knock into me. He also replaces my soft drinks to orange juices. The previous miscarriage hit him hard so he is just as paranoid as I am for this baby.


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