Week 6 Day 3

09 Sep 2015:

Gosh… Morning sickness is killing me! The hormones slowed my digestive system and made me terribly gassy all day long. My tummy bloats like a 4-5 mth preggie.

I burp 3-4 times every 2-3 mins all day long. Can you imagine that? I seriously wonder where did all the gas come from? It tortured me to the extent that I feel like vomiting after burping too hard. 

With the burping, sore body, fatigue, stuffy nose, stiff neck, nausea, etc., I seriously feel like shit. Who the hell says that pregnancy is beautiful? Who says that preggies have the pregnancy glow. BULLSHIT! With all these sufferings in the first trimester, one has to be hypnotised to be able to feel any positivity. I just glare at my husband everyday and blamed him for putting me through this. It’s just so unfair that only women has to go through all these sufferings. And, more sufferings after the baby is born. ARGH!


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