Week 6 Day 4

10 Sep 2015:

It’s been only 6 days and I am barely surviving.. How the hell am I going to live for the next 7 weeks? 

The nausea feeling gets worse everyday. I tried all the methods in the pregnancy forum.. Sadly, each method only works once. For example, eating cracker or plain dry bread. It stops the nausea and burping for one day but it didn’t work the next day. Ginger also worked once. Everyday I woke up feeling like I have flu + hangover + food poisoning altogether. Might as well kill me right? Even walking downstairs to buy food makes me feel faint. 

This is why I was so angry when I had miscarriage the previous time. I suffered for 4 weeks for nothing. But this round, the suffering is worse. So it better work, or I will be twice as angry. 

Can you imagine me, a food lover, feels nausea at the smell or sight of food? Anything with tomato base looks like puke to me. Anything with oil sends a shiver down my spine because I will be burping oily gas  for the next 3-4 hours. A foodie who can’t eat is just like a bedridden athlete, or violinist who broke his arms. You get what I mean. 

ARGH! First trimester horrors! 


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