Week 10 Day 5

09 Oct 2015:

I was assigned to co-monitor in Taiwan last week. Since it was such a short notice, I had no choice to but to see Dr. Tho on Saturday and get the progesterone jab in advance and replenish the utrogestan pills before I flew off on Sunday. Dr. Tho said that it’s better to avoid flying during the first trimester, but I had no choice.

The site visits were alright and the investigators were super friendly. Probably the friendliest Doctors I have ever met in my 7 years of experience. I stayed in Sheraton Grande Hotel in Taipei, took HSR to Kaohsiung on the 3rd day and back to Taipei in the evening. Probably because I was moving around a lot so I had brown discharge and mild cramp for the first 3 days. The bump felt a bit tender and tight at night. 

Thank goodness the morning sickness was at the minimum when I was there alone. I was still able to eat proper 3 meals (in small quantity) and still able to work. My colleague who is 8 months pregnant gave me a lot of tips for pregnancy. She too had miscarriage previously and this will be her first baby. Wish her all the best for her labour next month. 

I came back to Sg on Thursday. The 4+ hours flight was a little uncomfortable because my lower back aches and I have to keep moving my legs for better blood circulation. The airplane food tastes even more terrible, but luckily SIA provides Haagen Dazs ice cream for dessert. That’s the only thing I enjoyed during the flight. 

Today I headed down to Astra Women’s clinic in Mt Elizabeth Novena to see Dr. Henry Cheng as Dr. Tho is overseas. Did a scan and the baby is fine. We even saw the baby kicking its legs and waving the arms. Sooooo cute~~~ Dr. Cheng said it’s such a naughty baby cause it was kicking the legs so much, as though it’s swimming breaststroke. Its nose and chin are so obvious in the ultrasound image. *感动*

Glad that the baby stayed strong and healthy. Dr. Cheng said that I can increase the dosage of the hormone pills (up to 6 pills a day) if I have brown discharge again. Dr. Cheng is very chirpy and friendly compare to Dr. Tho who is more serious. Feeling relieved after the scan, I shall rest more and wait for next Tuesday’s harmony test!

Here’s the picture of the fetus at Week 10 Day 6:  

Measuring 4.38cm

And here’s the heartbeats:  


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