Week 11 Day 2

13 Oct 2015:

Went to see Dr. Tho today at his Mt. E Novena clinic. Scheduled to do the Harmony test. So relieved that I finally get to do the test. My previous pregnancy didn’t make it to week 10 so the test was cancelled. Yeah~ this time round we made it! So proud of myself and baby~

Dr. Tho did a scan to confirm the heartbeat. That scared me a little because I was so afraid that history might repeat itself. Luckily, I saw the flickering heart and the heart beat was going strong~ Phew~ Baby is still very active and moving around.

The 2 fibroids in my uterus grew a little due to pregnancy, but Dr. Tho said that it will shrink later or after the pregnancy and I don’t have to worry about them. 

Dr. Tho then asked the nurse to give me the consent form for Verifi test instead of Harmony. Both of them are the same tests, just by different companies, so it doesn’t matter. 2 tubes of blood were drawn for the Verifi test and 1 tube for routine blood test. Glad that Dr. Tho is good at phlebotomy, no bruise and not much pain~ The needle was pretty thick… Maybe a 18G? 

Was told that it would take 10-14 days for the result to come back from USA. Hopefully the result is good. I really have high hopes for this pregnancy and I have suffered so much during the past few weeks. Dr. Tho gave me prenat vitamins and fish oil and told me to start eating them at week 12. The next appointment will be 4 weeks later. I felt a bit insecure because I am so used to seeing the gynae to check on the baby every week. Guess now I will just rely on the Doppler to check the heartbeat weekly. 

Here’s a clip I made from the ultrasound scan~ Spot the baby doing my iconic “Hi” waves and legs crossing~  

Showed Elaine and Min min the scan photos and video. The nose looks so big in the photo and the chin is so obvious. Min min said that if the baby have big eyes like me, big nose like Dear and big mouth, then it will look like a Sesame Street character! =___=”

Seriously… What kind of Cousin is she…

Anyway, at week 11, my morning sickness is still torturing me. But it seems to be getting a bit better. I am still losing weight and to date, I have lost 3kg. On top of the usual morning sickness, now my skin is becoming very dry, the skin around my mouth is very flaky and leaving a reddish patch when the dry skin falls off. When will I have the pregnancy glow? It seems like I am just looking like a sick person.  Morning sickness, please leave me soon!


2 responses to “Week 11 Day 2

  1. Hi~ thanks for reading!
    Both the harmony test and Verify test are priced at $1350 + $65(GST). Both tests will be sent to the lab in USA for processing.

    I find Dr Tho pretty friendly and straight forward. He informs me of things I need to take note and answers my queries with patience.

  2. Hi! I’m your new reader!! Could you share a review about your doc, his charges and price for harmony test? Thnks!

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