Week 9 Day 2

29 Sep 2015:

Back to see gynae again. Informed Dr Tho that I had brown discharge for 2 days so he decided to do a scan and check the cervix.

I was worried about the scan as the previous pregnancy ended in week 9. After hearing the strong fetus heartbeat from the machine, I felt so relieved. Scan showed that the fetus is doing fine and no bleeding at the placenta. The umbilical cord could be seen as well. The cervix check showed no abnormality. Phew~

Dr Tho gave me the progesterone jab and asked me to get the jab again at Week 10. I also booked the Harmony test at Week 11.

Dear Baby, please grow well and healthy. Don’t waste my 9 weeks of effort and 4 weeks of sufferings. 


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