Week 14 Day 1

02 Nov 2015:

We are off to Taiwan for a week. I think we can consider this as a babymoon but the tickets were booked way before I was pregnant. This will be a very different trip because I can’t indulge in every Taiwanese food I see. I will have to choose only the pregnancy safe food and stay away from bubble tea to avoid taking in too much caffeine. Oh… My beloved bubble tea… 6 more months and I shall drink it to my hearts content! 

Anyway, for the past 2 days, I have been eating well.    

Auntie whipped up these dishes for me~ Making sure that I am well fed.

 We also went to have “Ke Kou Mian” in Bukit Panjang. 

Now my waist is getting thicker and the bump is pretty huge. Most of my shorts and pants no longer fit. Hopefully I can get some comfortable clothings in Taiwan~


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