Advice for Dad-to-be

“If you can’t be of any help to the preggie, the least you could do is not to agitate her.”

That’s my advice to all dad-to-be out there. The Husband has successfully pissed me off today. Yes, pissing me off during the baby moon. Smart move. And he has not apologise and I am still fuming as I type.

He bloody hell keeps asking if I should be eating this and that, keeps telling me that I cannot eat this and that just because he  thinks so. Does he not remember how much I suffered in the first trimester? And now when I can finally eat like a normal human, he starts becoming my dietician?!

And does he really think that I would be dumb enough to eat things that I shouldn’t be eating? Did he not know that I am in health science and my knowledge in this field is way beyond the level that he can wish for? And would a preggie who went through so much in the first trimester, purposely eat food that will harm the precious baby? Did he forget that the baby is in my tummy and I care for it more than anyone in this world?

Giving me black face or attitude when I want to eat something that he thinks is unsafe, is definitely not the way to treat a preggie, let alone his Wife!

Bloody hell.


4 responses to “Advice for Dad-to-be

  1. Ah men! I think he’s just trying to help. Sometimes, they simply don’t know the right things to say. I would forgive his folly and try to enjoy every last bit of that babymoon, mama. And, when you’re both in a good mood, maybe try to set some ground rules for your pregnancy. Good luck!

  2. Hahahaha men sometimes.I reckon it’s still just a sign he just cares a lot about you and your baby (i know that doesn’t help when you are pissed lol)

  3. Men eh? You look after yourself and baby. I’ll be eagerly await new posts

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