Week 15 Day 2

Went to see the gynae for routine check up yesterday. The baby’s measurements look good and healthy. =) The amniotic fluid looks sufficient in the ultrasound too. So glad that the baby is growing well!

But Dr. Tho pointed out that one of my fibroids is growing bigger and it is nearer to the cervix. So we have to KIV and see if the fibroid moves away from the cervix as the uterus expands. If not, there may be a chance that it might block the cervix and make it difficult or impossible for natural birth. And if I were to have caesarean, the cut will be very close to the fibroid and poses risk of hitting the blood vessels there. Oh well, please make the fibroid move away…

So much problem for 1 baby… 

Anyway, Dr. Tho freezes the image taken using the ultrasound machine for us. It’s the front view of the baby. So here’s the alien-faced baby!  

After the check-up, I headed to the airport for my flight back to Taiwan again. This time I will be in Taiwan till Friday for work.

The flight on Eva Airline was fine and the food served is not bad. But this time round, the 4+ hours flight made my legs swell. All the water retention…

Till today, the water retention didn’t go away. By the time I return to the hotel, my legs look like pig trotters. 

Pardon my Long-neglected-pedicure. No time for pedicure nowadays…

See my feet? Swell like pig trotters… Ankles are gone and I could hardly feel the ankle bones. I elevate my feet for an hour but it didn’t really help… Guess I will just have to live with it. =(


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