Pregnant + Earthquake

I think many will find the title weird. You might wonder what has pregnancy got to do with earthquake? Well, it’s just what I experienced yesterday night in Taipei. 

I was resting on bed in the hotel when suddenly the King sized bed shook. It lasted for 5-6 seconds and it really startled me. The first thing that came to my mind was “spirit”! Yeah.. I am a Super scaredy-cat when it comes to ghost or spirits. Previously, Yuhua told me about her screwy encounter in Taiwan hotel (which is also unexplained bed shaking), so I kinda freaked out when it happened. I prayed to all the gods I know/heard of for quite a while. When I calmed down a minute later, I turned to look at the water bottle beside the bed and the liquid was moving. It was then I stopped thinking about ghost and wondered if that’s an earthquake.

Since I have never experienced one before, so I couldn’t be sure. 3 seconds on Google, and my suspicious was confirmed by this website. There was a magnitude 5.4 quake off the coast near Yilan and the effect could be felt in Taipei and even Taoyuan. Next, I started to wonder if I should head down to the lobby for precaution or stay in the room because there isn’t anywhere to hide except the working desk in front of the bed. Going downstairs would mean I might have to walk down the stairs, in PJ and no makeup, because taking the lift during an earthquake is dangerous. Guess my life is less important compared to me appearing at the lobby with no makeup. I stayed put on bed.

Minutes later, I started calling my Cousin and Mum to tell them about the quake. The Husband didn’t pick up the WhatsApp call so I was a bit disappointed. Imagine a pregnant Wife couldn’t reach the Husband when her life is in danger?? Imagine the headline on Straits Time today saying “Taipei: Pregnant Singaporean died/injured in an earthquake”. He would have missed my last word! 

Alright, end of hormones induced drama… Luckily it’s just a short episode of shaking. No alarm sounded, no one ran for his life, no need to panic. It’s just an experience to share with the Baby next time. And I can exaggerate the scene to make it more exciting. Like: “Mummy thought she was going to die without speaking to Daddy for the last time. And the rescue team might dig and find Mummy dead, hugging and protecting the belly with you in it.”  LOL! 

Guess my imagination ran too wild. I ended up sleeping soundly last night and didn’t even wake up to pee. 


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