Week 15 Day 6

Hooray~! Husband’s blood test result is back and he doesn’t have Thalassemia. Which means baby is safe! She can only be carrier if she gets my gene. One less worry for us~

I have gained 0.5kg for this week, making me 54.4kg now. Gosh… I might have to watch what I eat now to avoid gaining too much weight throughout the pregnancy. I was 51.7kg in week 12, so that’s 2.7kg gained in 3 weeks. Kinda a lot… Based on this growth chart, I might hit 75.1kg by week 38!!! NO!!!!!

So now my target is to gain only 2kg per month from now. Healthy food! I have to eat healthy food! 

Tummy photo time:  


3 responses to “Week 15 Day 6

  1. For me the weight gain was very uneven – some weeks barely anything and more on others, don’t worry:)

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