Week 17 Day 6

Today’s bump photo:


That’s the size of my bump in the morning before breakfast. After food, the bump will become bigger and rounder.

I am slowly losing sight of my toes! 

Today I went to the Thomson Medical Centre confinement food talk and food tasting. Managed to learn about the 3 different phases of confinement and types of food to eat. My mum will be cooking my confinement meals so I will pass her the menu for reference. 

Plus, I woke up this morning from a nightmare. Dreamt that the Husband made me angry and say nasty things to me. All the vivid dreams are getting weirder… 

Can’t wait for May 2016 to come so that I can unload. Went to visit Joyce and her baby after the talk, and I so envy that her 6mth baby is so cute and interactive. Can’t wait for baby to be big enough to become playmate with Joyce’s! 


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