Week 20 Day 1

Weighed 56.4kg this morning. Phew~ not much of weight gain since last week. Stupid Cousin Minmin told auntie that I weighed 60kg already, just because she prefers to round up the number… =___=”

Had another episode of hormone imbalance over the weekend. I felt angry over the smallest thing again. But this time I managed to hold the anger and get through it. And today I suddenly feel so happy out of the blue. Seriously.. This emotion roller coaster may really drive me crazy. 

Anyway, baby has been very active and kicking me all day. Now it’s hard to keep track the times which baby moves the most. The Husband has finally felt the baby’s movement yesterday. Previously baby refused to move whenever he placed his hand on my tummy. He was quite amazed by how hard the kicks are. Plus, we could see the movement on my tummy! So exciting~

Here’s the picture of my growing bump at week 19 day 6. I could no longer button my shorts and belly button becoming flat. 

Now my toes are “invisible”. 


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