Week 21 Day 5

Merry Christmas to all!

It’s been a busy week for I had to travel to Taiwan for work. The airport staff noticed my bump when I checked in on Sunday. She asked for my gynae’s letter to show that I am fit to fly but I didn’t have it. Singapore airline’s policy requires the letter for preggies who are 29 – 36 weeks pregnant. As I was only at full 20 weeks, I don’t have to produce the letter. The staff then changed my seat from the emergency exit to the first row aisle seat. This is my first time at the first row and the leg space is awesome (minus the irritating male passenger beside me)! 

I ordered a low salt meal for my morning flight to Taiwan because I thought less salt intake would prevent too much water retention. But I regretted once I received my meal. 


Omg… It’s as though I am having a sick person’s meal. Everything is just boiled with 0 seasoning or condiments. The passenger beside me was having Indian meal which consists of curry and prata… You can imagine how much I would love to exchange my meal with him. Between savoury food and water retention, I guess I don’t mind that swollen feet and hands. 

I swear that I would never order a special meal on flight ever again!

Anyway, I am really glad that the Husband flew to Taiwan with me. He chose budget airline because the price difference was $1.2k and the flight timings were almost the same as mine. It does feel a lot better when he is there with me. At least I don’t get scared staying in the hotel room alone, and he helps me with the luggage. 

My bump grew bigger this week. I could no longer shave because I can’t see! 

Can totally relate to this picture… Minus the skinny arms and legs, of course.

Last week I went for the detailed scan at Mt Elizabeth Novena hospital. Baby is doing well and estimated to be 322g. Here are the scan report. Everything looks normal.

Baby was super cooperative during the scan and gave us a good view of herself. Maybe the chicken pie and hot chocolate just before the appointment pleased her… Lol! The whole scan only took 30 mins and we could then proceed to see the gynae.

The detailed scan showed that my fibroid grew to 6.9cm but when Dr.Tho did another scan in his clinic, it only measured 5.7cm. So he said that we will KIV its growth. The fibroid must not grow bigger otherwise it may block/obstruct the cervix and I would not be able to deliver naturally. And C sect is a bit risky because the cut will be close to the fibroid and there might be complications such as too much bleeding. *sigh* Hope that I can deliver naturally. 

My weight at this visit was 57.4kg. I gained 1.1kg overnight?! It must be the clothing, water retention and the breakfast + chicken pie + hot chocolate before the weighing!!! Dr. Tho said that I need to watch my weight a bit because the recommended gain is 2kg per month but I have hit 3kg. 

Oh well…


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