Week 28 Day 3

Went for the routine check up at the gynae’s clinic. As usual, I went for the weight check before going for breakfast. =) This time, I weigh only 60.8kg. That’s 1.4kg gain since week 24. Hooray~ I managed to keep the weight in check over the CNY period~

Dr Tho asked if I have any pains so I complained about my backaches. He suggests that I go swimming to strengthen the back muscles… I just nod. I was too ashamed to tell him that I don’t know how to swim. 

He then did the ultra sound scan and baby looks fine. The estimated weight is 1.165kg. My fibroid didn’t grow so it’s a good news. Baby has moved to a horizontal position again with the head on the right. No wonder her kicks are mostly on the right side of the tummy now. 

Dr. Tho did a 3D scan of baby’s face again! So nice of him!  

He could only capture part of the face because baby is facing downwards. 

Her nose still looks big, just like the Husband. And the lips looks thick. I am more concerned about the big mouth. Both Husband and I don’t have big mouth and that mouth shape looks a bit like the MIL. =___=”  I hope it’s just movements that cause it to look so big. 

Here’s the 2D scan.  

Oh well, I hope baby is growing healthily and developing well. That’s the most important thing! 

The next appointment will be in 2 weeks. It’s great to check on baby more frequently so that I don’t have to be worried~ Can’t wait for the week 32 detailed scan! 


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