Week 30 Day 2

We have reached week 30 already!! Time flies in 3rd trimester! 

This morning my weigh is 61.3kg and tummy measuring at 39 inches. Gained 0.3kg over 1 week. For the past 3-4 days, I get hungry pretty quickly. If I were to have dinner at 6-7pm, I would need to feed again at 10-11pm. Normally for that 4th meal of the day, I stick to a cup of Milo and some crackers or a slice of white bread. 

Tomorrow will be my regular visit to the gynae again. Hopefully I don’t exceed the target of 61.8kg. I am scheduled for regular check-up every 2 weeks (starting from week 28), so my weigh gain allowance is 1kg/visit. Anyway, I am not the only one who grew fat. The Husband has also gained quite a bit of weight with me. His love handles are pretty thick now. I wonder why… 

Recently, my hip joints aches when I sleep on 1 side for a few hours, or when I walk more. And if I sit for too long, like 1-2 hours, my tailbone hurts. It’s the kind of sharp pain which makes my legs weak. To avoid such pain, I have to keep fidgetting when I sit. 

Craving wise, I still don’t have a specific one. But for this pregnancy, I can eat M&M’s chocolate! In my previous pregnancy, I simply couldn’t stand the smell of it, especially the sugar coating. I could even detect the smell 1-2 metres away. Surprisingly, this pregnancy’s food aversion is different. 

Oh, I had nightmare last night. I dreamt that baby is already born and 2 months old. In the dream, the MIL and SIL were feeding my 2 month old baby with rice in soup!!! I screamed at them for feeding solids to baby but they refused to listen and the Husband wasn’t supporting me. So I carried baby away from them. Next, I was looking at baby and found that she was a super fat and ugly baby. =___=”

I guess the anticipation is making me crazy or subconsciously stressed… 

Yesterday, I joined the company’s CNY lunch at Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium Hotel. It was great to see all the colleagues in MBC and PSA offices. We also had lo hei (Chinese salad tossing)!   

 It comes with raw salmon and abalone, so just pick the abalone and avoided the raw salmon. This is my last lo hei for 2016 and I will surely miss it! Didn’t manage to stock up the ingredients before the CNY ends.   

The cold platter is also one of my favourite dish in a Chinese lunch/dinner. Yum yum~ 

Baby had a satisfied meal and was happily kicking after the lunch. =)


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