Week 30 Day 4

Yesterday I went for the routine check up. I weighed myself before heading to the clinic and the scale showed 61.6kg. That’s slightly lesser than the max weight of 61.8kg for this visit. But! When I was weighed at the clinic, the scale showed 62.2kg! I didn’t eat nor drink before going to the clinic, so where did the 0.6kg came from??? I think the clinic’s scale wants to sabo me…

Anyway, Dr Tho said that it’s CNY period so he will close one eye on the extra weight. He did the ultrasound scan and baby is still lying horizontal in the womb with her head beside my fibroid. The fibroid has been “flattened” by her and it measured 6.85cm in length but 3.5cm in width. So currently the method of delivery is still unknown. 

Dear baby, please turn to the head-down position soon. I really hope to deliver you naturally. 

I told cousins about the baby’s head position and guess what they say? They joked that baby finds the fibroid very comfy, just like a pillow, so she decides to rest her head here. And maybe when I deliver her, she will bring her “pillow” out with her too. =___=”

Cousins… They can be the worse enemies and best friends at the same time… 

Estimated weight of baby is 1.44kg. That’s somewhat in the average range. Head and stomach size looks normal too. =)

No scan picture for this week because baby’s face is facing downwards. *sad*

Last week I had constipation even though I drank so much water everyday. So I ended up with haemorrhoids. *sobz* It hurts and bled real bad… Thankfully it didn’t worsen and is on the route of recovery. This is the problem when I have such heaty body and plus the pregnancy. 

Dr. Tho said that we will KIV the growth scan, so week 32 will be a routine check up as well. 

Nowadays, I look forward to Mondays. Because it will mean that baby has completed another week of growth and 1 week less pre-mature. It’s so common to have premie, so I am worried that baby might come out too early. I also talked to baby frequently, asking her to stay strong and healthy with me until full term.



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