Oh Baby Bump Weekend Brunch

I went to the Oh Baby Bump! event organised by SuperMom today at the Singapore Turf Club. There are 2 sessions available: 9.00am-12.30pm and 1.30-5.00pm, and I registered for the afternoon session. The original registration price is $25/person and $50/couple. Lucky for me, I had the promotion code from one of the mummies in FB group and registered both of us for the event for free. 

Parking is also free of charge for this event.   

 (Instructions from SuperMom)

There were plenty of parking lots available when we reached there at 1.30pm. 

The event is held at the function room on level 4.     

There are several vendors at the event to promote their services and products.  

I like this cute decoration on each table! The “cake” is made of rolled-up diapers and decorated with cake toppers. But it’s a bit wasteful to use diapers, isn’t it?… *Money-minded SK*

We had our brunch while the talks and contests were ongoing.

Anyway, there were several contests and games for us to participate. I joined the “Guess what’s inside the diaper bag” game and I failed terribly. The 14 registered mummies had to take a quick peek into the diaper bag and take turn to say/guess the items in it. So the challenging part is that we also have to say the items mentioned by the mummies before my turn. E.g. Mummy #1 said “Wet wipes”, Mummy #2 had to say “Wet wipes, and diapers (her guess)”, and so on. If the guess is incorrect, or if we couldn’t say out the all previous mentioned items in sequence, we will be eliminated. I was mummy #8, so my preggie brain made me fail the game. =( 

But it was fun~

The caterer Chilli Padi Nonya Catering was there too. We got to sample the confinement food.  

Top left sample: Double boiled Sakura chicken with cordyceps militaris soup

The soup is very light and the chicken is very tender. Not bad~

Top right sample: Pig’s trotter with black vinegar, ginger and egg

The piece of meat I received was very very tough. Similar to the one I tasted from Thomson Medical Centre confinement food tasting session, the black vinegar gravy is too sweet and a bit oily. My family’s recipe is the traditional sour and savoury kind. Personally I couldn’t taste any sourness in the vinegar gravy so I didn’t like it. So for mummies who don’t like the taste of vinegar, you may like this dish. 

Bottom sample: Braised Hong Zao Chicken

The chicken is also very tender and tastes good. But the Hong Zao gravy is also very sweet. Maybe they can reduce the amount of sugar added to the dish. Hong Zao shouldn’t be this sweet because the sugar should have been used up during the fermentation. 

If you are interested in ordering the confinement food catering from Chilli Padi, below are the 28 days lunch and dinner menu provided by the caterer for reference. 

After the lucky draw, which we didn’t win anything,  the Husband went to collect the goodie bags. We were given 2 sets of the goodie bag and a free De Petit sample of baby full month cakes from Sweetest Moments. 

I forgot to take a picture of the full month cakes. There were 2 pieces of mini Swiss roll, 2 mini red velvet cake (without topping), 2 mini cupcakes with cream topping. I find the cakes not tasty and too sugary. It’s like those mass-produced, low quality cakes. But the packaging is pretty and it comes with customised announcement card, so maybe that’s why this caterer is very popular. 

I have told my mum and the Husband that I will not be giving out any full month cakes. Don’t know what the MIL will think, but I am not gonna waste money on not tasty cakes just for the sake of following the tradition. Plus, we will be too busy looking after baby to have any spare time going around to distribute the cakes. Also, it’s a lame tradition because nowadays people will know that the baby is born and celebrated full month from the pictures posted on FB. 

As for the goodie bag, these are the items inside:


This round, the sponsors are so generous. There is a full pack of newborn diapers from Huggies, full pack of milk powder from Nestle and a Pigeon milk bottle! Plus, we received 2 sets of them! Hooray~ I don’t need to buy newborn diapers! *Money-minded SK strikes again*

Guess this will be the last event that I am attending before I pop. Counting down 8-10 weeks! 



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