Week 31 Day 5

This morning I weighed 62.3kg. Lost 0.3kg compared to 2 days ago. Maybe the water retention has subsided a bit so I am slightly lighter. 

Baby boxed my ribs 2-3 times real hard last night. It made me breathless for a split second. I wonder if her fist would get blue black. LOL! 

I started to drink avocado milk since yesterday. Plan to have it 3 times a week to give baby some good fats. I also have a small bottle of concentrated bird nest every week, hopefully baby will get good skin (according to TCM).

For the avocado milk, I blend ice cubes, 350ml of Meiji fresh milk, 1 whole avocado and brown sugar to taste. This will be my yummy afternoon snack. 

And here’s a few pic of my rapidly growing tummy:      

My belly button is gonna pop out soon… =___=”


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