Week 32 Day 1

Yeah~! We have reached week 32! 6 more weeks before baby is full term and ready to pop!

This morning I weigh 61.9kg which means I have lost another 400g. Hmmmm… I wonder what’s going on… Is it because I have been pooping regularly? Or is it because water retention subsided? I hope baby is growing strong and healthy. 2 more days to my appointment with the gynae, and we will know if baby is doing well.

So far baby has been actively kicking and boxing me everyday. But she seems to have very frequent hiccups. Sometimes it happens 2-3 times a day. This shouldn’t be of any issue, I hope. 

I was tidying up the baby’s stuff earlier and realised that I have received quite a number of freebies/samples. This is a good marketing strategy because mummies prefer to try out samples before buying them for their love ones. And it’s good publicity for new brands and products. 

Here’s some of the samples I have received:   

I think I have the most number of diapers from Huggies. Many of the baby events include Huggies samples in their goodie bags. If you would like to try out this brand, you can visit Huggies website to request for free samples to be mailed to your house. 

As you can see, I requested for different sizes (newborn, S, and M). Because I don’t know how big or small my baby will be, so it’s good to have different sizes ready to try out. Also, I don’t recommend stocking up newborn-size or too many S-size diapers before baby is born. Simply because you don’t know your baby’s butt size and how fast he/she grows. I see a lot of mummies trying to sell their over-stocked diapers online, so to avoid such situation, I would recommend buying the diapers after the baby is born. 

For Drypers, these are the only 2 packs that I have received by requesting from the website. So far I don’t see any events giving out Drypers’ diapers.   

Same for Merries, I requested these from the website. Merries does quite a bit of advertisements but in terms of giving samples, Huggies is doing a better job. 

I received this little sample bag at my gynae’s clinic. The Friso Marketing staff happened to be there and so they gave it to all the mummies. It comes with a pink recycle bag, 4 packs of Frisomum Gold milk powder, a pink diaper pouch, and leaflet. The S26 milk powder samples were given to me by the clinic staff.

If you would like to try these milk powder for your pregnancy or breastfeeding period, you can request for them to be delivered to your house at Friso and Wyeth websites.   

This is a plastic bib from Stemcord. Received it from the sales personnel at my gynae’s clinic. I guess baby won’t be using it till it turns 6mths old.  

This romper is from Cryoviva’s sales personnel at the gynae’s clinic as well.     

The booties and handkerchiefs are from Abbott. It comes with free samples of Similac Mum milk powder. To get this, register yourself at Abbott website 

This pair of cute socks is from Wyeth. It came with the milk sample requested from the website.   

 These 3 items are from one of the goodie bags I received from baby events. 
Once baby is born, I shall try them out and see which suits her the most~


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