Week 32 Day 5

Forgot to weigh myself this morning. Yesterday was 62.6kg. Tummy felt so heavy and tight. 

Went to have steamboat at Hai Di Lao (IMM branch) with Cousin Elaine yesterday. Been so long since I last had it, plus it’s Elaine’s virgin trip there. She is very impressed with the excellent service there. The awesome staff even put a back rest for me when she saw that I’m pregnant. 


We ordered Mala soup and tomato soup. The handmade noodles taste best in the tomato soup. 


I highly recommend this whole pomfret fish ($19). It’s very fresh and sweet. 


First time trying the mozzarella cheese beef balls. The staff told us to cook it for 10 mins. After boiling for 10 mins, the beef ball grew twice its size and the cheese melted inside. Taste not bad~


Elaine had this fried rice which she don’t recommend. It’s kinda bland. So just go for the handmade noodles. 

I love the beancurd dessert so much that I ate 3 bowls of it. It’s free flow at $4/person (including sauces, fruits, and other desserts). Both of us like the free flow winter melon tea ($3/person) as well. I guess a lot of customers ordered that too because it ran out at around 8pm. We are only left with soya bean milk and herbal tea to choose from after that. 

Some people say that preggies shouldn’t drink winter melon tea because it’s too cooling. But I don’t care! I’m already in third trimester and my body is burning so this little cooling drink can’t beat me! 

Halfway through the dinner my tummy felt like it’s going to burst. Lol! Too little space left for my stomach to expand since Baby occupies more area now. Baby was kicking so much too. I guess she was excited to taste the mala soup. 

Having ate so much yesterday night, I only had a fried egg sandwich and Milo this morning. And for lunch, I only drank 500ml of avocado milk.    

Bought 6 avocados at only $9.90 at Giant supermarket last night. So I have 2 weeks’ supply of good fats for Baby now. 




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