Week 33 Day 5

Weighed 62.4kg this morning. I have been ill for 2+ days… My throat started to itch on Monday night. On Tues, I have itchy throat with dry cough and stuffy nose. On Wed, full blown cold symptoms developed. I was sneezing non-stop, having headache, and cough. I thought it was just my sinus acting up due to the weather and haze so I just drink more water and took a dose of loratadine. On Thurs, it got worse. Thick phlegm developed and make me croak like a frog. Extremely teary eyes and non-stop runny nose. I had mild fever and headache. Knowing that it’s not going to get better, I went to see a GP. Was diagnosed with common cold and the GP gave me Chlorpheniramine, lysozyme tablet, paracetamol, and Sedilix-DM Linctus. Took the medicines last night and the runny nose and teary eyes are more or less controlled today. The thick phlegm is still there and it’s impossible for me to cough it out. My throat hurts like mad whenever I swallow. 

I wonder which idiot passed the virus to me. I have been avoiding crowded places and only went to the shopping mall on Sat evening for dinner. Please don’t tell me that a couple of hours in the mall got me into this trouble… I don’t even get sick when I worked hours in different hospitals, touching bacterial/virus-filled medical notes, walking past patients with all kind of illnesses. But now, defeated within 2 hours in a mall?? *sigh*

Must be those inconsiderate people who cough and sneeze without covering their mouths and noses. Spitting phlegm on the floor etc. All these disgusting people… Causing others to get ill for nothing… And because of this, I am even more determined not to let anyone, I really mean anyone (except medical staff) to touch my baby when she is born. Thou shall only see and no touch. And anyone who is not feeling well will not be allowed to come close to my baby. 


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