Week 34 Day 3

Weighed 63.2kg at home and at clinic today. For once the clinic’s weighing scale did not secretly increase the number. Dr. Tho was a bit concerned when he saw that my weight didn’t increase from the last visit, so I told him I was sick for a week and the medications I took. 

Ultrasound scan showed that the fibroid did not grow any bigger and is “flattened” by baby’s head. Baby is still in the head down position. Good job! Baby’s head and stomach measurements are normal, but the leg seems shorter than expected. Dr. Tho said that baby has my legs… Which simply means short legs… LOL… Well… I don’t have the tall genes and the MIL is also short, so there is higher chance of baby getting the “short gene”. 

Anyway, Baby’s weight is estimated to be 2.105kg. A little on the small side. Dr. Tho said that the growth is still in the acceptable range, and the short legs may have contributed to the smaller weight estimation. Maybe I should have more avocado milk shake and some durians to fatten baby up. 

2+ more weeks and baby will be reaching full term. So exciting! Dr. Tho will brief me on the delivery stuff at the next visit (week 36). 

I have more or less packed my hospital bag. Erm… Hospital luggage to be exact. Here’s what I intended to bring with me:

For Baby:

– 2 set of baby’s tops and pants

– 2 mittens and booties

– 1 hat

– 1 swaddle

– 4 pcs of newborn diapers (just in case)

– 1 pack of baby wipes (just in case)

For myself:

– 1 set of button front PJ

– 1 jacket

– 1 hair brush and hair band

– make-ups

– make-up remover and facial wash

– face moisturiser

– 2 breast pads

– 2 nursing bras

– 1 set of clothes for day of discharge

– 1 pair of bathroom slippers

– 1 handphone charger

– 4 overnight pads

– 5 pcs of maternity pads

– 1 pack of disposable panties

– 1 pair of socks

– 1 hair dryer

For the Husband:

– 1 jacket

– 1 set of clothes 

– 1 toothbrush and toothpaste

– 1 razer and shaving cream

– 1 towel

I packed for the Husband because he will be staying over in the hospital with me. Mt. A also provides basic toiletries in the single room but I just bring extra. 

If my post-delivery condition permits, I intend to bathe and wash my hair before the family comes to visit. I can imagine how gross it is after pushing the baby out. All the sweat and blood etc… And fresh make-up so that I won’t look too shitty. 

Now I just hope that things go according to the plan! Or at least don’t defer too much from the plan! 


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