Week 36 Day 5

Weigh 64.8kg this morning. Don’t know why there is a slight weight loss but I still feel and look like a hippo. 

I still “butter” my tummy at least 5 times a day to attempt to stop the stretch marks from growing. Hope it works. *fingers crossed* The marks are now not as red as they were on Wednesday. 

The weather is freaking hot and hazy. The morning air smelt like burning forest. It’s also hazy and the clothes I left out to dry has the ashy smell. I guess one fine day Singapore will hit 40 degrees and people will die of heat stroke. Or, get lung cancer from the constant haze. 

I attempted to eat a foot long subway tuna sandwich this afternoon but I failed. It’s too much. Wonder how my Cousin can finish it. 

9 more days before Baby is officially full term. Hang in there! 

Pics for week 36~  




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