Week 37 Day 1

Yeah~~~! It’s week 37!! 1 more week to be officially full term! 

Weighed 65.5kg this morning. I think it might be the water retention that caused the weight increase. My face is quite puffy and limbs are a bit swollen. And for today, I ate Korean instant ramen with luncheon meat and cheese, a box of durians, 2 mini salted egg croissants, and mixed veg rice. Had iced lemon water to wash down the grease. 

Tomorrow will be my regular check up again. I wonder how much I will weigh at the clinic. Hopefully baby has gained 200-300gm from last week. Otherwise baby might be a bit small. 

And since its week 37 already, I am starting to feel nervous. Baby might be coming anytime from now. I worry that the waterbag might break when I least expect it. If it breaks in the middle of the night, I might end up ruining the mattress. Maybe I should put a towel or waterproof bed pad as preventive measure. 

I worry that contractions kick in when I least expect it. For example, in the middle of the night again, or when no one is around. I played out the scenarios in my head. If I have contractions (5mins apart) when I am alone at home, I will take a bath, bring the hospital bag, call a cab, and go to the hospital for admission. Once settled down, I will call the Husband to come straight to the hospital. If it’s in the middle of the night, then I will take a shower, wake the Husband, and he will drive me to the hospital for admission. 

Which ever it is, I will keep it low profile. I don’t want the entire family to make a big hooha. Neither do I want the family to make announcement to the extended family about me going into labor. I don’t want to receive endless messages or phone calls while I am suffering in the hospital waiting to pop. It should just be me, the Husband and the baby at that crucial moment. Announcement should only be made by myself or the Husband after the baby is born and well taken care of. 

Silly-me is also worrying about what to wear to the hospital and for the discharge day. I think loose dress should be fine? 

Anyway, Braxton hicks occur very frequently now. It can kick in 5-6 times a day. Sometimes it’s so tense that I dare not move. I haven’t seen mucus plug yet so maybe it won’t be so soon? I really hope that baby can come out in week 38 because I don’t want to wait any longer. But if baby thinks that she wants to stay a bit longer, then I will have no choice but to suffer a bit more. *Pelvic bones hurting* *Stretch marks growing* *Dark eye circles expanding*


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