Post Delivery – First Hours

Baby’s cry was a bit gentle. Even after injection, she only cried for a short while. Such a brave little girl. 

After cleaning me up, the baby was passed to me and we had to stay in the delivery ward for 1 hour. I thought of trying to breastfeed her but I didn’t know how and was too tired. So I ended up carrying and observing her. 

She was really alert for the next 1+hours. She kept looking at me when I spoke to her and then looked at the surrounding. 

She responds well to sound and movements near her eyes. 

Her face was still quite swollen so I can’t tell who she looks like. I noticed her double eyelids, short lashes, big nose and ugly pointy mouth. 

After 1+ hours, the Husband went to get the Nurses. I was cleaned up again, given fresh hospital gown, transferred to a moving bed. Baby was placed in her cot and pushed by the Husband, while the nurse and Mum pushed me to my single room in St. Raphael’s ward room 361. The lady’s ward was full so I couldn’t get my desired room.

Baby was pushed to the nursery and the MIL and SIL followed the baby. Yeah.. Who cares about me when there’s a baby, right? Only my mum is more concerned and worried about me than the baby. This is why mum is always the best and in-laws will forever be in-laws. 

My mum, MIL and SIL stayed till 10-ish pm before going home. News then spread like fire. Before I knew it, the entire family clan has been informed of my delivery. 

Baby was sent to the nursery to clean up. While I rested on the bed and received hospital orientation from another nurse. My stomach cramps started becoming uncomfortable. It’s sore and achy and crampy. I requested for painkiller immediately. 

I also asked for food because it’s been over 14 hours since I last ate. I felt a bit nausea which I don’t know if it’s epidural side effect or just hunger. 

That’s all we had because of the late hours. =(

I had some Milo before I took my medicine. Then I rested because tummy was too crampy for me to eat. The backache was terrible too. 

The nurse then brought baby back at 11.30pm and taught me how to breastfeed. Did the football hold because I still have my IV plug on. 

Baby latches well. But she was a bit sleepy so I had to keep waking her up to continue sucking. 

A while later, the pediatrician, Dr Simon Ng, came to check on baby. He said that baby is well. The Husband then went to sign consent for baby to do the optional hearing test and metabolic test. We just want to be play safe. Baby then latched for another 20 mins before she went back to the nursery. 

At 2+am, the nurse came to remove my IV plug. Finally~ One less pain. My wounds are getting sore and uncomfortable again. Guess the painkiller wears off. Was made to pee. Gosh… It was like a crime scene, or the war scene in the movie: 300. Shan’t elaborate further. 

Now it’s 3.45am. I shall try to get some sleep while the crampy feeling returns. 


3 responses to “Post Delivery – First Hours

  1. Wow I’m amazed that you can still blog at this time! Ugh yeah I had quite bad “afterbirth pains” when my baby was born recently. Not so much with the first one but this time I felt like I had the flu, I was just aching everywhere and cramps were so sore. It will get better. Congratulations on a safe birth!! 🙂

  2. Congrats!! Lol at the crime scene…I totally know what you mean!!! 😉

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