Week 39 Day 1

It’s THE DAY!!!

Jumped up from bed at around 2am when a gush of liquid flowed out. Water bag!!!

I walked quickly to the bathroom while liquid keeps gushing out. It soaked the panty liner and I saw the mucus plug with some blood on it. I panic for a while trying to think of ways to control the leak. *Damn stupid* the leakage cannot be controlled at all. So I quickly clean up myself and went to wake the Husband. 

Told him that my waterbag broke and then it was his turn to panic. He asked how I knew my water bag burst. =__=” like there’s a lot of liquid flowing out yo…

So I had to be calmer than him. Told him to get my hospital luggage, be quiet and not to wake MIL up, while I take a shower and blow my hair dry. Ok, too much liquid flowing out in gushes, so I skipped putting on make-up. Thank goodness it happened at home. I can’t imagine having this in the public. It’s like peeping non-stop and wetting everywhere. My pad is trying its best to hold on to the amniotic fluid. We made our way to the car at around 2.40am , I put a thick towel on the car seat in case it overflows. The Husband drove to Mt Alvernia hospital in like 15 mins because there’s no traffic at 2+am in the morning. I kept talking to the Husband so that he won’t be too panicky. 

Reached the hospital main entrance and we made our way up to level 3 delivery ward. The nurse, Theresa, was very chill. I bet she had handled such cases like hundreds or thousands of times. Informed her that my water bag broke and passed her the admission letter. She took my weight and I was 66.5kg. I was then led to delivery ward 3A. Made to change into the hospital gown and collect a urine sample. Oh… It was hard to tell if I am collecting amniotic fluid or pee. I Guess as long as it’s yellowish, it’s correct. 

Next I was asked to lie on the bed and the nurse took my blood pressure and oxygen level. She then check my cervix dilation. Oh, it hurts. Not the unbearable type of pain but it hurts. Was told that it’s only 1cm and it’s gonna be a long wait. Cervix was still thick, so she inserted a pill after checking with my gynae over the phone. Contractions was almost unnoticeable. It’s 3+am when I was strapped with the CTG monitor. 

The Husband went to do the admission paperwork. I have submitted pre-registration through Mt Alvernia website, so it doesn’t take too long for admission paperwork to be completed. Paid the deposit of $3491. Also, luckily the Husband remembered to bring phone chargers. Both our phone batt were going flat. 

It’s 6am.. I couldn’t sleep even though the nurse asked me to get some rest. The hospital bed isn’t comfy at all and I keep worrying about the loose maternity pad even though there is a bed pad to prevent me from flooding the place. Contractions are about 30 mins apart… Gosh… Still a long way to go… 

The Husband is tired and cold in the delivery ward. I still feel warm though. 

Another nurse came at around 7am to inject medication into the rectum for me to clear my bowel. Woah… That medicine works fast. After finishing the business, I slept for a while before Dr Tho came to check on me at around 8am. Had CTG monitoring, bp and body temp taking again. Dr Tho said that I will be checked for dilation again later at around 12pm because it takes time for my cervix to soften. 

I was given breakfast and free to walk around in the room. 

While having my porridge, I kept feeling tummy cramps. They were about 3-5 mins apart. So I started taking note of the time. 

After meal, the contractions start to get intense. It is like severe cramps from the back to the front and down to the thighs. They lasts about 45 secs and it keeps getting more and more unbearable. Finally I asked for epidural and my gynae gave the green light over phone. I wasn’t trying to bear the pain. It’s because the nurse said my contractions were actually irregular and also sometimes epidural may prolong the dilation time. 

So at 11+am, Dr Low was called to gave me epidural. I was already tearing in pain. Contractions continued while I was taken care by the very experienced nurse, Tan. She checked my dilation and it was only 1.5cm!!! Gosh! From 3am till 11am and only 0.5 cm dilation?!?! I bet I couldn’t have survived through till delivery without pain relief.

IV plug was set up by the nurse. Since I am getting epidural, I will be induced to strengthen the contractions. I hate getting poke at the hand. It hurts!! 

Dr Low then asked me to curl up as much as possible and gave me local anaesthesia on my back. Ok, it was kinda like a sharp pain on the spine area. I grabbed onto the pillow and tried not to move. I think more than one site was injected before the actual tubing was inserted. There was a bit bleeding? I am not sure, but Dr Low wiped my back a few times. Finally I felt liquid being injected into my back and the tubing was secured with tapes. Once the epidural was started (a huge syringe put onto the machine) my pain slowly went off. I could not longer feel the subsequent contractions and later my thighs had no feeling. It’s weird touching my thighs because it felt like a warm piece of fat meat. Lol!! 

I shivered uncontrollably for a while before falling asleep. 

At 1pm, the nurse came to put the urine catheter since I am not allowed to get off bed. Dilation has reached 3cm. The CTG reading showed regular strong contractions at 3 mins interval. It’s so much stronger compared to before inducing. Amniotic fluid continued to leak. 

At 1.34pm, I was 4 cm dilated. I was not allowed to eat after epidural is injected. This is to prevent vomitting. I could only sip plain water. I regretted not eating more before asking for epidural. 

At 4.30+pm, Dr Tho came to check on me. I was already 7 cm dilated. Hooray! The oxytocin worked. My epidural was then lowered from 8 to 5. He had 2 c-sect to do, so he will check on me again at 7.30pm.

Meanwhile, I kept feeling waves of pressure on the rectum area. So instead of the pain of contractions, I felt like pooping. 

At 7.45pm, Dr Tho checked and I was fully dilated. The nurse (too many different Nurses for me to remember their names) prepped me for delivery. Urine catheter was removed, delivery area cleaned, legs propped up, epidural reduced to 1, and the Husband was instructed to provide support to my neck. 

I have to take a deep breathe and push at the abdomen area whenever I have contractions (pooping sensation). Initially I did it wrongly. I was exerting a lot of force on my face. So it didn’t help in lowering the baby’s position. After a few tries, the nurse managed to correct my pushing. Both the nurse and Dr Tho were very encouraging. For every contractions, I have to do 3 long pushes. The pressure felt was pretty great. It’s like me trying to push my intestines out. It was hard and I feel like giving up. 2 more pushes later, I felt very motivated when the nurse said my baby doesn’t have a lot of hair (that means she is crowning!) Like finally! 

Next, with the help from 2 Nurses, I continued to do the pushes while they pressed on my upper tummy. The pressure was massive. Dr Tho did episiotomy and I could feel (not the pain) and hear it. I could feel him trying to hold onto the baby’s head while the Nurses and I do the pushing. Finally, the head came out. It hurts a tiny bit. Then I have to push the shoulder out and then the rest of the body followed. Hooray!!! 

Time: 20:38

Umbilical cord snipped and clipped. Baby was place on my tummy but I didn’t touch her. Lol! *Bad Mummy* That’s because she was so slimy and wet looking while I was totally shagged and breathless from the pushing. The nurse took her away to wipe, weigh, measure and inject her. 

The Husband took her photos while I had to deliver the placenta. Got an injection to prevent my fibroids from bleeding as well. Next, Dr Tho stitched up the wound from the episiotomy. That hurts a bit because epidural was at its minimal and finishing. 

Both baby and me were tagged. When our matching tags come close, the green light will appear and a music will play. That means the right baby is passed to me. 

Happy Birthday, baby Chloe! You are finally in my arms!

~ 25 April 2016 ~


5 responses to “Week 39 Day 1

  1. Hi, I chanced upon your blog while searching for what to expect during childbirth. Congrats on you new bundle of joy! It will be my turn soon and I’m happy yet nervous about it. Just to check, for the medication to clear bowels, is it a complicated procedure and is there any pain? Thank you 🙂

    • Hi Michelle, enjoy the last lap of pregnancy before the baby comes!
      For clearing of bowels, the nurse just asked me to lie on my side and she pumped the liquid medicine into the rectum. There is no pain, just a bit uncomfortable, and it’s done within 1-2 mins. She asked me to hold for as long as possible before going to the toilet. The medicine works too well and I could only hold for 5 mins and have to rush to the toilet. That’s all I need to do for the bowel clearing.
      Wish you a smooth delivery!!

      • Thank you so much for clearing my doubts. Glad that it is a pain-free procedure 🙂

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