Post Delivery – Day 3

Breast fed baby at midnight and she passed motion and urine after that. Her weight has decreased to 2905gm. It is considered normal for newborn to lose 5-10% of body weight in the first week and then gain back from the second week onwards. 

As soon as the nurse took baby back to the nursery, I went to take a hot shower. The last time I showered was 2am on Monday… Since no elderly is around to nag at me, I had an enjoyable long shower. Finally got rid of the sweat, oil on face, and clean up the wound. I can’t imagine people who stick to the confinement rule of not bathing for the entire month. Gross max! 

Lochia discharge was still very heavy. Had to use new maternity pad every few hours. I didn’t use the disposable panties which I brought to the hospital, instead I use the disposable shorts (tight boxers-look-alike) which Joyce gave to me. It’s the same as the one provided by Mt Alvernia on the day of delivery. I stained the pair on the first day so I had to use new ones which I brought. It keeps the loop maternity pad in place. 

Baby breast fed for an hour at 4.40am. Then Dr Tho came in the morning, 7-ish am, to check on my wound before giving the green light to let me go home. My next review with him will be in a week’s time at his clinic. Stitches still hurts a little and I continued with the painkiller at twice a day. Dr Tho asked me to slowly taper it off. 

Breakfast was served. This time I had French toast with bacon and mushrooms~ Yummy~

I rushed to wash my hair before mum arrives at the hospital. Unfortunately, I was caught red handed… Got nagged again. Since I had natural delivery, I will only be staying in the hospital for 2 nights. Wednesday, 27 May 2016, is my discharge day, and we have to leave by 11am. The Husband packed the luggage and stuff while I breast fed baby. Once we are done, mum and I pushed baby, in her cot, to the nursery while the Husband went to load our stuff in his car and do the discharge paperwork. 

Mum was not allowed into the nursery so she waited outside. The nurse collected a set of baby’s clothes and swaddle from me and went in to change baby into the discharge outfit. My identity tags were verified and made sure that they matched with baby’s. She then went through nursery discharge paperwork with me and showed me how to clean baby’s umbilical cord. I noticed that the clip on her cord had been removed. Next, I was given 20 pieces of alcohol swab for cord cleaning and baby’s health booklet. Baby’s remaining diapers, wet wipes, bath tub and free gifts from the hospital were handled to me. The identity tags on my hand were removed while baby’s were left on her ankles for precaution purposes. 

Baby remained in nursery until the Husband finished the discharge paperwork and payment. The nurse then pushes the baby cot to the lobby with us. She made sure that everything was collected and baby is safe in the car before she left. 

Yeah~ Home sweet home!

This is the hospital bag from Mt Alvernia. It has a cooler bag, changing mat, and a blanket from Tolly Joy.

This is the bag that came with the Mt Alvernia ladies card. 

This is a bag of freebies received at the hospital. 

Welcome home Baby Chloe~


3 responses to “Post Delivery – Day 3

  1. hi, are you still engaging mdm samsiah’s services? can i ask for a review? not sure if i want to sign a big package with her. thank you!

  2. Congratulations on your beautiful baby girl! Also, loveee the wrap with all the cute whales!

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