Kampong Chai Chee Restaurant

Went for company’s team building at Kallang Leisure Park today. We had an enjoyable but tiring bowling session and then dinner at Kampong Chai Chee Resaturant.


I ordered the Teh Tarik – Gajah (elephant) size because I thought that the regular cup will be quite small. So when the drink is served, everyone wowed. It’s a huge cup of Teh! Just like the sugar cane drink size. Luckily the Teh Tarik is not too sweet.


My colleague ordered the guava ice blended drink which has a beautiful pink shade.


The chef is Chinese but the zi char food is halal certified. We had the fried chicken in thai sweet chilli sauce. The chicken is tender while the batter is very light and crispy~ It got snatched up pretty quickly.


This Foo Yong Egg is tasty. Scrambled eggs with prawns fried in high heat and lotsa oil tastes the best~ Lets leave the dieting to tomorrow while we feast on the fluffy eggs.


The next dish is black pepper beef cooked with curry leaves, onions and bell peppers. The beef is very tender but I find the sauce too thick and sweet.


The hotplate egg tofu tasted mediocre. Lacking in the wok hei. The plus point is the generous amount of veggies and mushroom added to the dish.


This fried baby sotong is the crowd winner. I took the pic hastily before everyone digged in. Very crispy baby sotong coated in sweet sticky sauce and paired with crunchy cucumber, onions and tomato. Oh so yummy~
As we had ordered too much food, the left over baby sotong got tabaoed back.


The stir fried kang kong in sambal belachan is pretty good too. Some of my colleagues find it spicy, but it’s mild for me. This veggie is well cooked but still retains its crunchy texture and doesn’t have the bitter taste. It’s a good dish to go with white rice.


The mixed veggie is not bad; just lacking in wok hei. There’s fish cake, Chinese cabbage, snap pea, squid, mushroom, baby corn, prawn, carrot, cauliflower, kailan, and straw mushroom. That’s a lot of different ingredients in one dish!


The final dish is a seafood tom yum soup. Nothing fancy. Lacking in sourness and taste.

All of us ate so much tonight. Feeling so bloated and satisfied. Looking forward to the next company activity~

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