My Future Home – Part IV

All newly completed HDB flats are covered by a warranty within the 1-year Defects Liability Period starting from the date of key collection. When we collected the flat keys from the HDB officer, we were reminded to report any defects to the Building Service Centre (BSC) located next to our block within 7 days. If not possible, we have to made the report at least 7 days before renovation.

At the first look, the unit looks good. But when we started to scrutinise every corner, the list of minor defects grew longer and longer.

We spent 2 half-days inspecting the flat, and jotted down 53 minor defects. Below are some of the examples:

The door of the bomb shelter door could not lock completely as there is misalignment of the bolt and the wall holes.

We flooded the 2 toilet floors and found that the water drainage is poor. There were puddles of water trapped in the middle of the toilets and the side of the toilet bowl.


Same issue noted at the service yard. This was the puddle of water 1 hour after we flooded the service yard floor.

For the main door, there were scratches. The handle and face plate were rusty.


See how bad the paint of the main door is. And there is a gap between the door and the face plate.

We also found loose/detached glazing beads and weatherstrip on the windows.


There are also several door rusty hinges for the bedrooms and toilets.


There is a chip underneath the toilet bowl water tank cover.

The paint of the laundry rack came off. The tap was not attached properly.

These are the more obvious defects which we spotted. Overall the unit was pretty well done and we didn’t find any hollow tiles. There are also several tiny defects which we ignored because those could be rectified when we do the renovation.

We filled up the feedback form and went to the BSC to submit. The customer service officer (CSO) informed us that the project supervisor will check the defects and then rectify them (if possible), and then schedule a joint inspection with us later.

We use a number lock to lock the main gate and gave the lock number to the CSO so that they can enter our house to check the defects. For future security reasons, do not pass your house keys to the BSC. Use a padlock or number lock instead. Also, do not leave any equipment or valuable stuff in the house as there will be different contractors entering the house to rectify the defects and BSC will not be responsible for any missing items.

Hopefully the defects could be rectified quickly. We still need to have complete the floor cement screed before renovation can start.

*Fingers crossed*

3 responses to “My Future Home – Part IV

  1. Hello! I’m also waiting for my unit at West Ridges (key collection in December as I’m not in Singapore now).. would you say you’re satisfied with the overall quality? May I know which block you’re at, and is it a 5 room unit?

    • Hi future neighbour~
      The overall quality is not bad. But the house is much smaller in reality. I was “deceived” by the floor plan and had to scrap off several house renovation ideas.

      • I see… hope you can still achieve your desired design! I read somewhere that the empty house always seems smaller than it really is… maybe because there’s no furniture or anything to give you an estimation of the space. Looking forward to see your finished home! 🙂

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