My Future Home – Part V

It’s been almost 2 months since I last updated about the new house. Have been super busy with renovation work, tiles choosing, amending interior designs, sourcing for lights, fans, and faucets, etc.

So 1 week after submitting the defect checklist, the minor defects were rectified. Some were to our satisfaction while some were not. For some of the defects, we decided to leave to our ID to solve during renovation, e.g. water trapped in both the toilets: this can be rectified when we overlay the floor tiles. It would take too much time if we were to ask HDB to hack and re-lay the tiles. Meanwhile, our ID applied for the renovation permit.

On the second week of Nov, bedroom wall was hacked and the 2nd bedroom door was sealed. This will create a bigger master bedroom for us.

Wall hacked

In the same afternoon, HDB contractors came to do the floor screed. We had to top up a few hundred dollars to increase the height of the floor screed so that we could level with the kitchen floor.

The walls were super dirty after the floor screed. We had to wait 5 or more days for the floor to be completely dry before continuing with the renovation.

Our ID brought us to Soon Bee Huat to choose the tiles for the toilets. The Toh Guan concept boutique is huge. We spent 1+ hour in the showroom before deciding which tiles to use for the 2 toilets.


I saw this concept in the showroom and told the staff that I wanted this kind of “feel”.

Eventually we decided on these 2 sets of tiles for the 2 toilets.


We are very thankful to this staff who helped us with the tiles selection and recommendation. He is very friendly, patient and knowledgeable. P.S. He speaks Mandarin too!

A set of small cut out tile samples were given to us. This will help us in choosing the faucets and basins.

Third week of Nov, the tiling work started.

Took 1+ week for the tiles to be overlaid.


The curb on the kitchen floor was constructed while the tiling work continued.

Next, it was electrical wiring.


Followed by the air conditioners trunking.


Our flat has this bedroom on the other side of the living room, so the trunking needs to cut through the living room’s ceiling.

floor plan


We bought the air con from Gain City and it was recommended to add this ugly pump to assist water drainage from the bedroom across the living room.

All these works were done in 3 weeks upon obtaining the renovation permit.

4 responses to “My Future Home – Part V

  1. Hello!
    Saw your post with the aircon waterpump.. Gaincity also recommended us this… but i wonder how you conceal the pump? Is it noisy?


  2. Normizah Bte Isa

    Hi how do you apply for cement screeding by HDB contractor?It is free or pay by CPF?

    Thank you!!

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