SK Can Cook!

Here’s the list of what I have cooked, or at least attempted to cook. Rest assured that no one has gotten food poisoning or died after sampling the stuff that SK made. =)


#1 Kimchi Fried Rice
– #2 Fried Beehoon
– #3 Tamago and Nuggets
#4 Dragon Roll Sushi
#5 Mini Pancake
#6 Omurice
#7 Braised Minced Pork
#8 Pasta with Cheese
#9 Thai Red Curry Chicken
– #10 Stir Fried Instant Noodle
– #11 Curry Pasta
– #12 Seaweed Rice Roll


Egg Mayo Sandwich
Crab Stick Mayo Croissant
– Big Breakfast
– Egg Mayo Ciabatta
– Ham and Egg Sandwich
Fried Egg Sandwich
– French Toast
– Egg and Potato Mayo


Beer Battered Fish and Chips


– Mascarpone Cheese Tomato Pasta
– Mascarpone Cheese Tomato Pasta with Sausage
Black Pepper Scrambled Egg Pasta
– Pig Trotter Fried Beehoon
– Corn Cream Pasta


Pineapple Tarts
– Baked Cheese Fries
– Baked Mushroom with Truffle Oil
– Baking Class I – Strawberry Yogurt Cake & Pumpkin Seed Bread


– Strawberry Yogurt Ice-blended Smoothie & Kiwi Yakult Ice-Blended Drink
– Papaya Banana Smoothie
– Avocado Milk


Mini Snow Skin Mooncake
– Roasted Baby Potatoes
– Clams in Beer Stock

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