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Failed Baking Attempt

Black Sesame Milk Cake

Black Sesame Milk Cake 1


This was a failed attempt to bake a cake. I found the recipe from a cookbook but it turned out to be a disaster. It’s a black sesame milk cake that does not require any baking powder but it was so dense and dry that my bro said it tasted like compressed tissue. OMG~ Such harsh critic…

Guess it’s time to throw that cookbook away. HRMP!

Cupcake Attempt

It’s my first time attempting to bake cupcake after eating the rainbow one which my colleague gave me. I was a little ambitious and went to try the brownie cupcake recipe from RasaMalaysia.



So I did the brownie part and let it bake for a while according to the recipe. For the chocolate part, I used a mixture of 47% and 55% chocolate and reduced the amount of sugar. Then I scooped the cupcake mixture over the brownie which had set a little after baking.

Cupcake 1


After baking, I let them cool on the rack. The cupcake portion is a bit brownish because I used brown sugar instead of white sugar. I only get 6 cupcakes and 1 small rectangular tray from the recipe. Was wondering why the yield was so little.

Cupcake 2

Cupcake 3

Here’s how it looked. 2 distinct layers~

Cupcake 4

After tasting it, I finally figured out why the yield was little. I used baking soda instead of baking powder and that’s why the cupcake portion wasn’t fluffy. Since there’s no acid content for the baking soda to act on, the cake remained dense and didn’t rise after baking. LOL~ I am such a noob in baking…

Anyway, the taste is still good except the fact that I have 2 dense layers. Next time I will take note of the ingredients before starting to bake anything.


Rainbow Cupcake


My colleague baked cupcakes for us~!

Rainbow Cupcake

I thought it was just an ordinary vanilla cupcake until I took a bite. Such pretty colors inside! =)
I shall try to bake this at home too!