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Bangkok Shopping Trip – Part II

We were shopping in Central World Bangkok until our stomachs growled. For dinner, we decided to have non-Thai food for a change. Aka restaurant, located at level 7 of Central World, offers yakiniku buffet at only 399+ baht. Attracted by the price, we decided to give it a try.

Yakiniku Buffet Menu

There is a choice of premium and normal menu at a difference of 100+baht. Do note that the price is only for 90 minutes of dining. We didn’t notice the really tiny fine lines until 1 hour into the dinner. Luckily Pakcik spotted it and reminded that we have to leave after 90 minutes or there will be additional charges per 10 minutes thereafter. Imagine we hung around and chit-chat, while the bill kept adding on… LOL~

Yakiniku Buffet Menu 1

Yakiniku Buffet Menu 2

Other than the items with black background, everything else is included in the 399+ baht buffet. Pretty good variety for the price!

Refillable drinks are at 39 baht and water at 20 baht.

Yakiniku Buffet 1

We ordered using the order chit and passed it to the staff. Each portion is pretty small to avoid wastage.

Yakiniku Buffet 2

The korean style chicken was pretty good too.

Yakiniku Buffet 3

The restaurant uses smokeless bbq pit. Most of the smoke is suck into the air vent around the pit. So after 1.5 hours bbq-ing, we did not stink and could still go shopping.

Yakiniku Buffet 4

Yakiniku Buffet 5

The meat is thinly sliced and cooks quickly. The grill has been oiled so the meat won’t stick to it. Actually the marinate for the fish and meat tastes the same but we enjoyed it.

Service was pretty good in the beginning but it became hard to get their attention when the dinner crowd came in.

Overall, for the price we paid, I think this is value for money.
P.S. The green tea ice cream is yummy.



I have always like Yoshinoya’s food since 17 years old. The first time I tried it was at the Takashimaya outlet. As I had just started eating beef then, I was totally mesmerised by the beef bowl and MOS burger’s Yakiniku rice burger. Felt like I have wasted 17 years of my life eating just chicken and pork. LOL~

Until now, whenever I am lunching alone, I would go to Yoshinoya for the beef bowl, and it must come with the boiled veggies. Although the standard has dropped, the beef is drier and tougher, I still like the gravy and fluffy rice.
Unlike other fast food restaurants, Yoshinoya tends to be less crowded and I will be able to find a table and enjoy the short Me-time.

Wrap & Roll @ Kent Ridge

Now that cousin Smelly Min is studying NUS, we can meet up often for lunch. We normally have lunch at NUH Medical Centre which is next to Kent Ridge MRT, because it’s convenient for both of us.
For one of the lunches, we went to Wrap & Roll to try the Vietnamese food.

We were there before 12pm to avoid the lunch crowd. The service was still pretty slow even though there weren’t many customers.

rice roll


We had the bbq pork rice roll to share. Other than the bbq pork, the veggies and rice sheet were quite bland, so that’s why it’s served with a peanut-tasting dipping sauce.



I had the beef pho. The stock was really light and tasty. Great choice for a rainy day. I love the thinly sliced beef and the smooth rice noodles.

chicken rice noodles


Smelly Min had the stir fried chicken and rice noodles. The wok hei was really good so I would recommend this dish if you are not having the pho.

Price wise, it’s a little pricey for a poor student especially with all the service charge and GST. Food wise, not bad~ Service wise, need to speed up a bit.