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Brotzeit @ Westgate

Went to Brotzeit some time ago on a Friday. It’s been so long since we had pork knuckles from Brotzeit. So glad that there’s an outlet opened in Westgate so we don’t have to squeeze with the people in town.

pork knuckles

We had the signature pork knuckles. The skin is super crispy but the meat is still juicy and tender. I love the sauerkraut because it’s so appetising and not too sour.


We were kinda greedy so we got a pizza as well. I love this thin crust pizza with generous amount of toppings and cheese. =)


The Brotzeit in Westgate is fully al fresco, so ice cold beer is a must in such a warm Singapore weather~


Gathering at New Harbour Cafe & Bar

Had another outing end of last month with the CCC ladies. Only 4 of us could make it to the gathering. =(
Anyway, we chose New Harbour Cafe and Bar at Tanjong Pagar road because we missed the sio bak (roasted pork belly) and hokkien mee!


No gathering is legit without alcohol~

White Clams

White Clams 1

This is one of our favourites: White clams in beer stock.
Each clam is so fat and juicy. The stock is very flavorful and good for slurping~

Mah Mee

Mah Mee 1


Next favourite is the Mah Mee. It’s actually fried hokkien prawn noodles with the addition of clams and Chinese sausage. Each strand of noodles is nicely coated with the thick gravy. Together with the egg and garlic, the flavor is so rich and you will definitely be craving for more. Although this is not the al dente kind of noodles, it’s also not too soggy. It’s best eaten with the blended red chilli which will numb your tongue for a while. Do try it even if you can’t take spicy food because there’s always beer to cool you down~

Roasted Pork Belly

This is another favourite item there: Roast Pork Belly (Sio Bak in dialect)! Because of its popularity and quality, the waiting time is longer than the other food item. So make sure you order this first before you decide on what else to eat.
Not sure if you can see from the picture, there’s minimal fat in the roasted pork belly, almost no fat layer! Despite the minimal fat layer, the meat is really tender and the skin is super crispy. I couldn’t hear what the ladies were talking about when I was chewing on the skin.
The meat is served with a black sweet chilli sauce and the blended red chili. Eat them together for even better flavor~

LOL~ I sound like the Sio Bak’s spokesperson.

Salmon sashimi

Something that is not commonly found in a bar: Salmon Sashimi~



Still feeling hungry, we ordered another round of Mah Mee and some fries~

The total bill of 4 pints of beer plus the food above only cost us $130.80. There’s no GST and service charge~!

After dinner drinks


Post dinner drinks was at one of the bars along Tanjong Pagar road~

The Queen & Mangosteen

During Vday last month, we went to The Queen & Mangosteen for dinner. A lot of places were fully booked and we didn’t want to pay huge amount for food that doesn’t deserve that pricing, so we decided to go for a normal restaurant without a Vday menu.

The restaurant was full and service was slightly slower than usual. However, the manager was very professional, and went around checking that everyone was taken care of, and apologised for the slow service.

Pimm's Lemonade

Drinks were served while we waited for the food. I had the Pimm’s & lemonade which was 1 for 1 during happy hours ($14++). It was really good and refreshing. Pakcik went for the archipelago beer ($12++).



For starter, we had the fresh mussels in white cream sauce ($18++). Both of us really love the cream sauce. It’s so flavorful, rich, but not jerlat. Tasted so good when dipped with bread and fries. We refused to let the waiter clear the bowl because we wanted to keep the sauce for fries.

Fish & chips

I had the Snapper Fish & Chips ($24++). Actually this picture doesn’t really show the actual size of the fish. The fish was much thicker than it looks here. I couldn’t finish both pieces and had to give one of them to Pakcik. The batter was thin and crispy, and the snapper fillets was so tender and juicy. The chunky fries was best eaten with the cream sauce from the mussels.
Homemade curry tartare was served with the Fish & Chips, but I prefer the cream sauce. =)

Wagyu Burger

Pakcik went for the King’s Burger ($28++). It came with 200gm of Wagyu beef patty, swiss cheese, caramelised onions and veggies. The burger is pretty good except that Pakcik had it medium-well and so the patty was a bit tough. Sigh… Who on earth would eat a medium-well wagyu beef? I find it such a waste.

Anyway, it was nice dining in this restaurant and I will definitely ask for the bay-side table next time.